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Pulsar Axion XM30F

Constantly Improving

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide has announced the release of the Pulsar Axion XM30F, the new compact-class thermal vision monocular. Pulsar kept on surprising us with continuous upgrades of their products in the past, so we were prepared as we impatiently waited for Axion Key XM30 to get a successor. The day the new upgrade was announced finally came, and we were more than thrilled to hear what the new XM30F brings to the table.

Pulsar Axion XM30F

Source: Pulsar

Pulsar Fans, Meet the Upgrades

The main improvements are the ability to record videos and capture images. Into the bargain, you will now be able to connect the device to your smartphone through the Stream Vision 2 app. This is a great feature, as you can now prove to your friends you did see those two deer and they will have no other choice but to believe you, thanks to the app. But keep in mind that the device is not compatible with Stream Vision 1.

Another upgrade is in the base magnification, which is now 3x instead of 2.5x – and allows for better image detail rendering. The new and improved display is what also contributes to the image quality, as it is no longer of the LCOS type, but of the AMOLED HD type with a 640x480 resolution.

The monocular can now also withstand lower temperatures, as the display can function in environments that are even -25°C and its performance remains flawless without any inconvenient delays. The battery life is increased, and the eyepiece upgraded – all of this for a similar price as for the previous model.

Pulsar Axion XM30F

Source: Pulsar


  • Thermal imaging sensor with 320x240 pixels and a 12-micron pitch size
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Shock-proof and durable
  • Built-in photo and video recording with 16 GB of internal memory
  • 8 colour modes
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi module stability
  • More than 5 hours of operating time on one battery charge

Pulsar Axion XM30F

Key Specifications

SKU 77474
Model name Axion XM30F
Sensor resolution, pixel 320x240
Pixel pitch, µm 12
Display type VGA AMOLED
Objective lens F30/1.2
Magnification 3-12x
Detection range, m 1300
FOV, ° 7.8х5.9
Dimensions, mm 144x40x69
Weight, g 0.25

Get More for Less

As for now, only one model upgrade has been announced (with a 30 mm lens), because it was the most popular, which can most probably be contributed to the adjustable focus. An upgraded model of the monocular with the 22 mm lens has not been announced yet. Pulsar Axion XM30F will be available for sale in February 2022 and will cost around 1.190 €.

Pulsar Axion XM30F
Article Name
Pulsar Axion XM30F
Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide has announced the release of the Pulsar Axion XM30F, the new compact-class thermal vision monocular.
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Optics Info
Optics Info

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