Nightforce NX8 F2 – Second focal plane


Nightforce is a US-based manufacturer of high-quality rifle scopes and accessories for professional use. Their scopes are known for extraordinary durability, reliability, and repeatability, and thanks to that, these rifle scopes are widely used by militaries, police, and law enforcement all around the globe.

A couple of weeks ago, Nightforce introduced 2 new rifle scopes into the NX8 family – the 2.5-20×50 F2 and 4-32×50 F2.

Nightforce NX8 F2

Nightforce NX8 F1 on a Desert Tech SRS A1

Nightforce NX8 F2 rifle scopes

The NX8 series of rifle scopes is the newest series from Nightforce. After the introduction, it quickly gained a great reputation. The 8x zoom factor packed into a very small housing is the biggest advantage of this series, and 3 rifle scopes in the series cover all shooting applications.

To expand the NX8 line, Nightforce came up with 2 new rifle scopes with the reticle set in the second focal plane, but with the same magnifications as we already know – 2.5-20×50 F2 and 4-32×50 F2.

Nightforce NX8 F2

Nightforce NX8 F1 on a Desert Tech SRS A1

These scopes feature the same housing as the F1 models, with just minor changes in length and weight. The second focal plane scopes are just 3 millimeters longer, and only a few grams heavier in weight – both are not even noticeable.

Due to the same housing, also the F2 models feature a 30 millimeters main tube with the same mounting length. The elevation and windage adjustment range didn’t change either. The 2.5-20×50 F2 features 110 MOA/32 MRAD of elevation and 80 MOA/23 MRAD of windage, and the 4-32×50 F2 model has 90 MOA/26 MRAD of elevation and 70 MOA/20 MRAD of windage.

Nightforce NX8 F2

Nightforce NX8 F2

A small difference is, whatsoever, in the field of view of the 2.5-20×50 model. It is a bit smaller than in the F1 model, which is still 12.2 meters at 100 meters at 2.5x magnification. At 20x magnification, the field of view is 2.0 meters at 100 meters.

Because of the short construction and a big field of view, both of these scopes are well designed for use in combination with a front-attached night vision or thermal imaging device.

Since the reticle in second focal plane rifle scopes doesn’t change its size when changing the magnification, are the subtensions valid only at one given magnification. Because of that, it is possible to calculate the distance and measure your shots and corrections only on one given magnification.

On the 2.5-20×50 F2 model this is possible only at 20x magnification, but on the bigger model, this is possible at 16x and 32x magnification. Nightforce even designed a special reticle for this purpose, where you have 2 sets of numbers in the reticle – the bigger numbers are true at 16x magnification, and the smaller ones at 32x magnification.

Nightforce Mil-CF2D and MOAR-CF20 reticles for the 4-32×50 mode, with 2 sets of numbers for true subtensions at 16x and 32x magnification

Both new NX8 scopes feature the Nightforce Digilum™ illumination technology with the illumination color in red and green and the Nightforce ZeroStop™ on the elevation turret.


With 8x zoom packed into such a small housing and with magnifications that can be used for many applications, these scopes surely will gain great success. We expect that the 2.5-20×50 will be very popular among hunters, and the 4-32×50 among sports shooters.

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Nightforce NX8 F2 - Second focal plane
A couple of days ago, Nightforce introduced 2 new rifle scopes with a SFP reticle into the NX8 family – the 2.5-20x50 F2 and 4-32x50 F2
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