Leica Amplus 6 Riflescopes


Even though Leica already presented 3 new products at Shot Show 2020, they didn’t forget about IWA. The German fair, after all, takes place in their home country. Even though the fair was eventually postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were informed of everything that is to know about their all-new products. The biggest surprise was, of course, the thermal clip-on Calonox, Leica’s ticket to the world of thermal optics. The second novelty was the Amplus 6 series of riflescopes which we are going to review here.

Leica Amplus 6 Riflescopes

Leica Amplus 6 2.5-15x56i (source: leica-camera.com)

Amplus 6 – entry into the premium class

Until now, Leica had three series of riflescopes in their offer – The top-of-the-line Magnus; Fortis, introduced last year, and Visus, their entry-level series of riflescopes. Now, in 2020, Leica decided it was high time to refresh their offer of the latter. Even though Visus remains in production for now, Amplus 6 riflescopes are, with their 6x zoom factor, much more modern.

Leica riflescopes, especially the ones in the Magnus series, are known for their incredibly wide field of view, the widest in the category of hunting riflescopes. Amplus 6 riflescopes are not an exception to this rule.

The high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminium body is highly resistant to shock, meaning that you won’t have problems with mounting these riflescopes on hard-kicking rifles. The tube diameter is 30 mm, and no rail mounting option is available.

Leica Amplus 6 1-6x24i

Leica Amplus 6 1-6x24i (source: leica-camera.com)

When it comes to Leica, aesthetics are not to be overlooked. The Amplus 6 series boasts an elegant chassis, and the conspicuous yet subtle Leica Logo on the objective bell adds to the exquisite appearance.

With a light transmission rate above 90 %, images seen through these scopes are bright – this is especially noticeable when using the twilight specialist 2.5–15x56i. The images are high in contrast and rich in colours.

Leica Amplus 6 3-18x44i

Leica Amplus 6 3-18x44i

The lenses are coated in Leica’s best coatings. Even the famous AquaDura® lens coating is applied to the external optical parts, preventing dew and dust accumulation and slightly protecting against abrasion.

All the models come with a fine illuminated central dot that provides a minimum coverage of the target and makes quick target acquisition possible in all lighting conditions. The illumination compartment is located opposite the windage turret, featuring an off-switch between each illumination level (there are 10 levels altogether). The illumination is powered by a CR2032 battery.

Leica Amplus 6 2.5-15x50i

Leica Amplus 6 2.5-15x50i

The buyer gets a 10-year warranty guarantee when purchasing an Amplus 6 riflescope.

Model Range

Leica came up with 4 models in this series to cover the most common types of hunting, all with a reticle in the second focal plane:

  • 1–6x24i, a model designed for drive hunting
  • 3–18x44i, a perfect choice for stalking & mountain hunting
  • 2.5–15x50i, an all-rounder
  • 2.5–15x56i, a twilight specialist, great for raised hide hunting

The riflescopes are equipped with capped, 0.1 MRAD turrets by default, except for the 3–18x44i model which features an open elevation turret with ¼ MOA clicks. The 1–6x24i is the only model that lacks the adjustable parallax setting.


Finally, a modern entry-level Leica riflescope series with a 6x zoom factor. The premium features of these riflescopes, such as wide-angle of view, crystal clear images, and robust body, are sure to convince many.  Three models (1–6x24i, 2.5–15x50i, 2.5–15x56i) are already available, while the 3–18x44i will hit the market in July 2020. The expected retail prices are 1300 €–1600 €.

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Leica Amplus 6 Riflescopes
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Leica Amplus 6 Riflescopes
The premium features of these 6x zoom factor riflescopes, such as wide-angle of view, crystal clear images, and robust body, are sure to convince many.
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