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Kahles Helia Rangefinder


Kahles, a company renowned for making high-quality optics, has already surprised us with aesthetically appealing brownish Helia binoculars in early 2016. Now, they are taking it one step further – in January 2018, they are going to launch their first-ever rangefinder binoculars. Kahles has been making high-quality riflescopes since 1898 – they are credited for some of the major innovations in the field of riflescopes. Binoculars; however, are completely new for them. Even though they are a small company, Kahles has never failed to compete with bigger optics manufacturers as far as optical quality and design are concerned, which is why we are eager to see what they have in store for us.

Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars

Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars


The device will be capable of targeting up to 1500 meters (1600 yards). It will also allow the use of ultra-quick scan mode allows for continuous measurement, which is great when observing moving targets. Its speciality is the EAC-function, an enhancement of the classic Rifleman's Rule. EAC stands for enhanced angle compensation. It calculates the angle compensated distance, which can be displayed next to the standard measurement and thus provides a more ballistically relevant basis.

Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars

Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars

The OLED display can be manually set in one of the 5 available brightness levels to suit the ambient light without the user having to delve into the menu, which basically means that it can be done exceptionally fast. This also prevents the user from accidentally changing other settings. Kahles ensures that the image seen through the oculars will be bright, with sharp details and natural contrast. The placement of the buttons on the device allows the user to observe and measure distance simultaneously with ease. The binoculars are reinforced with rubber to protect the interior against potential blows and to ensure that the user has a good grip. The housing is made from aluminium; it is robust and waterproof. All these add-ons ensure that the binoculars can withstand the harshest of conditions. A single battery will allow approximately 3000 measurements.

As regards the outer appearance, Kahles used the same design for Helia rangefinder as they did for their standard, classic Helia binoculars. The brownish colour is quite conspicuous and will draw plenty of attention – not many binoculars are available in brown. Furthermore, the shade of brown used for Helia is very delicate, natural and pleasant to look at. The accessories for the device are made by the renowned company Waldkauz.

Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars

Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars


There are two models in the Helia rangefinder series, 8x42 and 10x42. Below, the specifications for each of these two models can be seen.

Technical dataHelia RF 8x42Helia RF 10x42
Objective lens diameter (mm)4242
Eye relief (mm)18.516.5
Exit pupil distance (mm)5.254.2
Pupil distance (mm)58–7258–72
Twilight factor (ISO 14132-1)18.320.5
Field of view (m)125107
Field of view (°)7.16.1
Field of view apparent (°)5659
Near focus (m)1010
Diopter compensation+/- 4+/- 4
Measurement range (m)10–150010–1500
Measurement range (yds)10–160010–1600
Range-finding accuracy (m)+/- 1 up to 100
+/- 2 up to 1000
+/-0.5 % over 1000
+/- 1 up to 100
+/- 2 up to 1000
+/-0.5 % over 1000
Range-finding accuracy (yards)+/- 1 up to 100
+/- 2 up to 1000
+/-0.5 % over 1000
+/- 1 up to 100
+/- 2 up to 1000
+/-0.5 % over 1000
Display typeOLEDOLED
Brightness levels55
Measurement duration (s)11
Adjustment position twist-in eye-cups44
Waterproof (nitrogen filling)YESYES
Height x Width x Depth approximately (mm)148x131x71148x131x71
Weight (g)880880
m/yds displayYESYES
Laser category1 M1 M
Single measurementYESYES
Scan measurementYESYES
Angle correctionEAC-functionEAC-function
Battery type CR2 Lithium (3 V DC)CR 2 Lithium (3 V DC)
Battery life (range cycles)~3000~3000
Innovative leather carrying strapYESYES
Loden cloth protectionYESYES
Guarantee (years)1010
Guarantee electronics (years)22
Operating temperature mechanical (°C)-25–+55-25–+55
Operating temperature electronical (°C)-10–+55-10–+55
Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars

Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars


The retail price for the Kahles Helia Rangefinder binoculars, which are expected to be available from specialist dealers in January 2018, will be around 1500 €. We will put the binoculars to the test as soon as we get them in stock. The expectations are quite high. The one thing that we are not so happy about is that the binoculars are not made in Austria.

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