Holosun 512T Circle Dot Sight


HS512T’s unique, hybrid design is a combination of a tube style red dot and an open reflex optic with a large field of view. The most notable feature is its big window, which allows the user to aim at a target with both eyes open. It is equipped with a QD mount, which enables quick and simple detachment of the optic from the rifle.

Holosun 512T

Holosun 512T

New features

HS512T is made of titanium which gives it robustness and durability. It has been tested to withstand water submersion (IPX8 certified). HS512T has a new edition of turrets with 0.5 MOA per click (15 mm at a distance of 100 m). Equipped with solar cells, it can go in Solar mode in which the optic is powered by light but can also draw energy from the battery if the light is insufficient. While in Solar mode, the reticle intensity adjusts automatically. The Shake Awake feature puts HS512T in “sleep mode” whenever the optic is inactive and powers it back on when it detects minimal movement.

Holosun 512T

Holosun 512T


This is a great, uniquely-designed piece of equipment. The Shake Awake function truly works like a charm – the optic switches from “sleep mode” to “active mode” in a blink of an eye.

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  1. What is the difference, mission purpose, target market between 510C vs. 512T ?

    510C is open; why is that good, why might that not as good as a tube enclosure (512T)?

    512T is tube; why is that good, why might that not be as good as open (510C)?

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