Holosun 510C Circle Dot Sight


HS510C has an open frame for a wide sight picture. The large window allows aiming with both eyes open. It comes with a QD mount, which enables the user to detach the optic from the rifle with ease.

Holosun 510C

Holosun 510C

New features

HS510C is powered by a new solar technology – the optic draws energy from light but can also be additionally powered by the battery if there is a shortage of light. Reticle intensity adjusts automatically in Solar mode. HS510C is IP67 certified, which means that it is protected from total dust ingress and from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth. The Shake Awake function works efficiently and with no delay. Only the hood is from titanium, the rest is made of aluminium. It comes with a new edition of turrets with 0.5 MOA per click (15 mm at a distance of 100 m). It has a tray for the battery which is accessed through the side of the optic.

Holosun 510C

Holosun 510C


The Shake Awake function has been perfected – Switching from “sleep mode” to “active mode” happens in an instant as soon as the optic detects movement. We found the battery tray to be somewhat difficult to remove.

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