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Delta Optical Titanium HD Binoculars (IWA 2019)


At IWA 2019, we stopped at Delta Optical’s booth to check out their novelties. This Polish optics manufacturing company is known for offering great value for money. Titanium HD riflescopes are a big hit in the price class of around 800 €. Forest II binoculars are extremely successful in the field of entry-level optics – they are priced at around 150 € but are optically superior to some more expensive binoculars on the market. Now, Delta is pushing for dominance in the field of binoculars at a 500 € price point. In Germany, we were shown their new binoculars, carrying the famous name Titanium HD.

Delta Optical Titanium HD Binoculars

Delta Optical Titanium HD Binoculars

Titanium HD binoculars

For now, two models have been introduced, 8x42 and 10x42. These roof prism binoculars boast an open bridge configuration, making it possible for the user to hold them comfortably in one hand. This design also cuts the weight down – at around 720 grams, these are among the lightest 42mm objective lens binoculars. Focusing works well, and the optics are more than decent for the money. The 8x42 has a field of view of 137 m at 1000 m, which is great, but 126 m of the field of view from the 10x42 model is even more impressive.

Delta Optical Titanium HD Binoculars

Delta Optical Titanium HD Binoculars

What we found interesting is that the dioptre setting produces clicks when rotated. It adds the ‘premium feel’ to the device. Basically, Delta’s goal is to offer excellent optics and build quality for the price point, and this is one of the main reasons why their products are so popular.


After trying Titanium HD binoculars out at IWA 2019, we believe that they are going to be as successful as Delta Optical’s other products. We will have to take them out to the field to test them thoroughly in terms of optics and light transmission, but we have great expectations for their performance. They are covered by 10 years of warranty. You can expect them to be available on the market in early Spring.

Delta Optical Titanium HD Binoculars

Delta Optical Titanium HD Binoculars

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