3E Keskin 3–12×50


3E is a Turkish company that manufactures its products mostly for the Turkish military. As one of their novelties, they presented the Keskin 3–12×50 riflescope at IWA 2018. The riflescope is reminiscent of the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3–12×50 but will cost approx. a third less.

3e Keskin 3–12x50

3e Keskin 3–12×50

3e Keskin 3–12x50

3e Keskin 3–12×50



The optical quality is very decent. This is a mil-mil configuration riflescope as regards the elevation and windage adjustments. The turrets are double-turn, have a mechanical turn indicator and zero stop as befits a premium tactical riflescope. There are two reticles available at the moment – both are a variation of the mil-dot reticle. We expect that 3E will expand its offer of reticles for this model in the future.

3e Keskin 3–12x50 available reticles

3e Keskin 3–12×50 available reticles

3e Keskin 3–12x50

3e Keskin 3–12×50


This riflescope is great for those who are looking for a tactical riflescope with a great price/performance ratio and don’t care that much about the brand. Keskin 3–12×50 is expected to retail for around 1850 €.

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2 thoughts on “3E Keskin 3–12×50”

  1. Thank for reviewing this rifle scope! You mentioned about the brand not being well known. But other than it not being well known is this a good scope for beginners to start out with. Does this company have any other models out that would be good for beginners?

    1. The brand is not well known, but these are high-quality products made for military use, so not only for beginners.
      Currently, they have only 2 rifle scopes for long range shooting, the 3-12×50 and 5-25×56.

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