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Leica's new TRINOVID 0

Leica’s new TRINOVID (7×40, 8×40, 10×40)

Introduction Much is expected of Leica‘s each new product introduction – For a company as renowned as Leica, launching something uninteresting is out of option. To satisfy their target audience, Leica has to be...

C-more RTS2 0

C-more RTS2

Introduction C-more is a well-known brand among handgun sport shooting competition enthusiasts in America. Unfortunately, people are still quite unfamiliar with it here in Europe. These devices are not named “world champion sights“ just...

C-more STS2 0

C-more STS2

Introduction Many claim that C-more red dot sights are the best when it comes to sport shooting competitions with a handgun. What makes them so great? They boast quite a few enviable characteristics –...