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DI Optical Raven 2 (RV2) 0

DI Optical Raven 2

Introduction DI Optical is a Korean company which also has business units in the USA. They are known for manufacturing robust red dot sights – Raven 2 (RV2) is no exception. The user can...

Di Optical EG1 0

DI Optical EG1

Introduction DI Optical is a Korean optics manufacturer that specializes in making rifle and machine gun sights. Their products have been tested and approved by various organizations, including NATO. They are known for durability,...

Zeiss Conquest V6 0

Zeiss Conquest V6

Introduction Conquest V6 is Zeiss‘ response to Swarovski’s Z6i price repositioning – Shortly after Z8’s launch, the Austrian company lowered their prices of the Z6i series. It is also likely that Zeiss wanted to...