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Zeiss Conquest V6 0

Zeiss Conquest V6

Introduction Conquest V6 is Zeiss‘ response to Swarovski’s Z6i price repositioning – Shortly after Z8’s launch, the Austrian company lowered their prices of the Z6i series. It is also likely that Zeiss wanted to...

Docter sight G 0

Docter Sight G

About the product Docter has a rich tradition of manufacturing reflex red dot sights. In the last few years, Docter has produced quite a few variants based on Docter Sight III. The first one...

Swarovski BTX eyepiece 0

Swarovski BTX eyepiece

About the product Swarovski has managed to improve their spotting scopes which already had a reputation of being the best on the market. The new add-on – which is rather big and not that...